bad bad wolf

I am a brand designer, graphic artist, typographer, photographer and, most of all, simply unique.

I Am Beard and Bones

A creative studio passionate about helping small brands tell their unique stories. The Beard and Bones way.

I believe in the power of authentic, purposeful and believable brands – ones that are build upon real people and inspiring ideas.

My mission is to help brands find their inner voices (Hearty? Sexy-booming!) in order to form meaningful, long-lasting connections with their audience.

We doe brands. Beautiful and memorable ones that matter.

bad bad wolf

Minimalistic design,
photography and typography

No Nonsense, period!

I Am Beard and Bones

I provide direction, strategy, content and design services that enable brands to weave their story, all with a whole lot of dedication fueled by loads of wit, joy and laughter.

bad bad wolf

I am Groot!
My work.

The Portfolio

My mind is a neverending pit of creativity which gives an endless stream of possibilities. Check out some of my latest works and be inspired to create your own brand design, website, or whatever you need.


Logo Design

La Semaine De La Francophonie

Poster Design


Full Branding

Beard and Bones

Full Branding

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