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Full branding for Geert Pieters, freelance graphic designer and photographer, aka. Beard and Bones.

Beard and Bones



The Story

We designed a logo, brand and website to show of the skills and knowledge of Beard and Bones. This combined with his super-clean photography makes this project the perfect lookbook for future clients.

Since designers are always evolving their ways of design Beard and Bones decided to have a full rebranding as a person and as a company. To do so we created a more contemporary and unique design recreating the logo and using more modern colors.



The Style

The website needed to be a combination of all Beard and Bones skills. This involved the graphic, photographic and typographic side and even a little bit of illustration.

Since Beard and Bones is not your average designing company we worked with bold typography and colors. And with bold… we really mean bold.

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bad bear
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For updates and branding advice

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